Voice on the Go (12-month subscription) 2.2 2.2 (Blackberry)

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Voice on the Go allows you to listen to, compose, reply, forward and delete your email (and more!) BY VOICE on any Smartphone - while driving, or any other time. No software download is required.

Voice on the Go provides easy, convenient hands-free and eyes-free access to email, calendar, contacts, and other content, by voice using any Windows Mobile Smartphone.**

  • Safely use your Windows Mobile Smartphone anytime, anywhere - while driving, or any other time
  • Quick, easy setup that works with any Windows Mobile Smartphone
  • Simple-to-use with no voice training required
  • Compliant with growing hands-free driving legislation
  • Supports a majority of email services, including: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, .Mac mail and others!

** Calls to Voice on the Go are subject to your regular carrier rates.


With a few simple voice commands, you can access:

  • Email by VOICE - Listen to, forward, reply, compose and navigate emails. "Reply: Coffee for our 3 o'clock today? Let me know."
  • Contacts by VOICE - Search contacts and place calls by voice. "Call Mobile" or "Call Number: 1-888-555-1234"
  • Calendar by VOICE - Review appointments and create new appointments. "Create Appointment: June 19th 9:00 AM Sales Meeting Status update."

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