The Depths (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 05/31/2014
  • Downloads:87
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Developer: Flathead Games
  • Os Support: BlackBerry Q10,BlackBerry Q5,BlackBerry Z3,BlackBerry Z30,Imagination GPU,PlayBook,Porsche Design P9982,Qualcomm GPU,Qualcomm GPU VZW



The Depths is a classic rogue-like adventure. Explore 20 floors to find the ultimate treasure while fighting monsters, avoiding traps, upgrading equipment and casting life-saving spells. Currently contains: - 29 monsters - 11 potions - 10 scrolls - 8 wands - 7 weapons - 3 belts - 2 helmets - 1 shield - traps - secret doors - 3 character classes - character upgrade system - blessed and cursed items - Shops - Temples - 1 pet Many more updates to come, so send feedback and help make this game even greater! Recent changes: v1.2.4 - Added directional attack animations for enemies. - Added Charge power to Warrior class. - Added Sneak power to Rogue class. - Added Barrier power to Mage class. - Fixed crash when transmogrified near enemy with gear. - Changed the way critical hits and armor interact. - Chests and wells can now be tapped on for movement. - Pickup when inv is full no longer uses a turn. - Added HUD message when auto-pickup picks something up. v1.2.3 - Added option for auto-pickup of loot. - Fixed a glaring misuse of OpenGL buffers. - Efficiently fixed the animations 3 builds in a row. - Added new pickup sound effect. v1.2.2 - Improved dungeon generation, rooms can now be connected. - Floors start smaller than before and get bigger as you descend. - Complete overhaul of portrait mode. - Fixed load/save of walk speed. - Added new walk speeds. - Fixed animations in 3d mode and in general. - Default now 'tap' mode with fast walk speed. - Added default up/down anim for enemy walk. v1.2.1 - Added a wand of fumble. - Added option for player movement speed. - Improved some portrait mode menus. - Fixed text height for some messages. - Reduced animation jitter in tap mode. - Fixed blackness when teleporting in 3d mode. - Added a 'D-pad' label for confused people. v1.2 - Added depth. Game now has 2d and 3d rendering. - Added a town, it's got a backyard with nothing in it. - Added a half done portrait mode. - Fixed projectiles. They shouldn't go through doors. and shouldn't get buried in walls any more. - Enemies can hold items. - Some enemies will spawn with weapons/armor equipped. - Added stupid pet tricks. - Fixed/Added critical hits on offhand and throw items. - Removed hammer wear. - Made buttons on BlackBerry Q10 a bit bigger. - Fixed charm limits. - Weapon mod icons now show even if weapon is +0. - Tossed in 'Explosive Gas' guy as shopkeep. v1.1.7 - Tap to move input mode. - Fixed equipment color bug. - Smaller/tighter dungeons, less hallways. - Fixed chest item spawn location. - Fixed cloud spells. - Frozen slimes no longer split. - Improved virtual d-pad. - Shopkeeps/Priests will no longer sleep on the job. - Improved pathing for pets/followers. v1.1.6 - XP now splits along with Slimes. - Fixed item distrubution in chests. - Added 2 new belts and a new helm. - Added a wand of charm. v1.1.5 - Food thrown at your dog will now vanish. - Barter skill now affects Priest service costs. - Added 'Cure all afflictions' service to Priests. - Player retains agression status when polymorphed. - Added a dig through pile button. - Revamped the skill upgrade screen. - Added more gamepad/kb input and changed keys. - Removed use button from whetstones. - Added hint text to inventory screen. - 'Rubble' at start of each level easier to see. - Fixed pricing bug in shops. - Levels start with more items laying around. - Added a chest on each level. - Added a deadzone behind the dpad. v1.1.4 - Temples. - Priests can remove curses and bless items. - Fixed weapon swap if offhand weapon was cursed. - Mixing items with blessed water now drains water. - Followers no longer affected by cloud spells. - Blades now degrade with use, can be sharpened. - Improved pathfinding for enemies and pets. v1.1.3 - Fixed some input bugs. - Pets. Only a puppy for now. - Enemies regenerate HP over time.

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