Text911 - BlackBerry OS 5.0 and higher 1.71 1.71 (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 07/05/2014
  • Downloads:65
  • Price: $7.99
  • Language: English
  • Developer: appsFX, LLC
  • Os Support: BlackBerry OS App




appsFX LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ~ Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority ~ SOME TEXT MESSAGES ARE JUST TO IMPORTANT TO MISS! Imagine, your child is at the ball field or at school and they're trying to reach you because the activity ended earlier than expected. They sent you a text, but you missed it because the restaurant you're in for a meeting or enjoying time with friends is a little too loud. Or, there's an emergency and your phone is on silent ring because you're in the movies and the frantic texts being sent are being missed. Just take a moment to use your imagination and think what a potential missed text could mean in your life. Now imagine an app that ensures you'll never miss that text again. Think Text911. Text911 is real-time alert application for BlackBerry® Smartphones that allows you to set key monitoring criterion that triggers alerts when an important message arrives and continues to trigger the alert until you actually acknowledge you've received the message. Please Note: Text911 and Mail911 operate in the same manner, so if Email in your personal life is more important, check out Mail911 as well. Text911 allow you to add as many unique profiles you need to establish for any conditions you choose to alert on. Whether your profiles are unique to family members, friends, coaches, teachers or even business associates, you are only limited by your own requirements. Based on your defined, pre-set triggers, when a Text911 user receives a text with the key word(s), phrase or phone number, the BlackBerry can vibrate, the screen can flash and a specified audio file can play; continuing to do so until the message is read. And in the event you have completely missed an alert, Text911 will continue to remind you until you finally acknowledge you have seen it. You can specify the combination of alert actions (vibe/flash/audio) and the message urgency in each unique profile. In addition, the message sender can receive a notification text, letting them know that their message was received, and if the text recipient has been active on their phone recently. And, once the message is opened, the sender receives another message letting them know the message has been read. No more wondering if the message was received. Optionally a GPS location (Bing, Google or BlackBerry maps) can also be sent to the originator if it is important for them to know where you are at. Text911 for BlackBerry® Features: * User friendly Option Dialog Menu * Unlimited number of alert profiles with unique rules * User-selected sensory notification options include: color strobes ~ audio ~ vibrations * Real-Time alert notification when message text matches your alert profiles * Configurable severity level and alert timeout period * BlackBerry® GPS location sent to message originator in the form of a GPS "link" viewable through Google, BlackBerry Bing Maps (optional) * Alert notification will not be turned off until user acknowledges alert and incoming text * Auto reply feature provides message originator with delivery acknowledgment * Auto Reply feature provides message originator with message read acknowledgment * Alert on text messages (SMS/BBM) sent from ANY device (cell phone, smartphone, PC/MAC) »» Supported on OS 4.3.0 and above. »» Supported on OS 5.0.0 and above. »» Supported on OS 6.0.0 »» Architected to Deploy and Manage via BlackBerry® BES For Corporate Deployment Information contact appsFX And check out our full portfolio of products, all use the same easy-to-use look and feel control panel system for simple installation and deployment. All apps are backed with the same high level of support and service. If you like Text911, please don't forget to post a Review.

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