Santander Río (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 04/29/2014
  • Downloads:38
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Developer: Banco Santander Río Argentina
  • Os Support: 8100,8110,8120,8130,8130m,8220,8230,8230f,8300,8310,8320,8330,8330m,8350i,8520,8530,8700c,8700f,8700g,8700r,8700v,8703e,8705g,8707g,8707h,8707v,8800,8820,8830,8830m,8900,8910,8980,9000,9100,9105,9220,9300,9310,9315,9320,9330,9350,9360,9370,9380,9620,9630,



The Mobile App Santander Río Móvil offers mobile banking services to customers of Santander in Argentina. This app was developed for customers in Argentina and is available only in Spanish This application allows you to quickly see promotions and find Bank’s offices and ATM’s locations. It also enables you access to Mobile Banking to track your accounts, top-up your cell phone, make bill payments, and place time deposits easily and conveniently right from your cell phone. The application has a 4-option menu: - Mobile Banking: enables checking account balances and cleared transactions, making bill payments, topping-up cell phones, placement and renewal of time deposits. - Promotions/Special Offers: search and see Tarjeta Santander Río’s savings by area, date, type and means of payment, as well as locate retailers nearest to the location or within a selected area. - ATM’s: search and locate Santander Río’s ATM’s as well as those belonging to Banelco’s and Link’s networks, nearest to the cell phone device or within a selected area. - Branch Offices: search and locate Santander Río’s branch offices nearest to the cell phone device or within a selected area. Access to search engines for special offers, branch offices and ATM’s does not require the use of passwords of any type. However, for security purposes, Mobile Banking can only be used by Bank’s customers holding Santander Río’s four digit access password being also Internet users. THE APPLICATION USER INTERFACE LANGUAGE IS AVAILABLE IN SPANISH.

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