RollerFlash (for 4.7-5.0) (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 07/05/2014
  • Downloads:63
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: LSphone
  • Os Support: Blackberry OS App



Emergency vehicle flashing light imitator (police, fire, ambulance, security)

Generates flashing lights that remind of these vehicles:

  • Police: International (two alternating blue lights)
  • Police: New York '76 (blue, white & red)
  • Police: Ann Arbor '88 (blue double-strobe)
  • Police: Pull-over (alternating headlights w/ blue strobes)
  • Police: Millennium (complex multiple blue & white strobes)
  • Ambulance (red & white quickly-repeating & alternating)
  • Fire Truck (like light from multiple rotating lights)
  • Old Fire Engine (simple & slow like light from 1 rotating light)
  • Scene Commander (green & white)
  • Security Vehicle (amber flashers)
  • Send it Back (malfunctioning light system)

The screen is divided into two side-by-side segments that act as flashing lights, the LED acts like a tiny strobe.Rotating the Storm sideways makes it like a small lightbar with two main lights and a tiny strobe. Click Send to take a quick mug shot of the friend you're 'pulling over'. There are no elaborate graphics, just flashing solid colors to put out the most light possible like a handheld light bar.

Warnings: Maximum flashing frequency 10 Hz, which according to information should not be a risk, but please don't flash near any epileptic, ill, fatigued, or easily irritated person.Please also don't violate any laws -- some places have restrictions on flashers and certain colored lights.

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