Racing motorcycle (Blackberry)

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Is a classic fast-paced competitive motorcycle racing motorcycle games, players can choose their favorite motorcycle ride at rush hour on the freeway, and continue to sprint forward on the road can also enjoy the city, bridge, sea andbeautiful scenery of forests and other game method is very simple, the left and right tilt the phone to control the the motorcycle direction, click on the screen speed If you want to get a high score, you must be accelerating motorcycle, at the same time, the focus on observation of the vehicle in front direction indicators, identifyingvehicles turn left or right, to stabilize the main, do not rush to 50000 points sprint. v.2.6.3 update log: An optimized 3D engine, improved image processing speed and fluency; 2, to repair some of the Samsung models not normally enter the game BUG; 3 new 3D sound, and improve the real-life experience of the game.

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