Mortgage Solver 1.7 1.7 (Blackberry)

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Realtors, home buyers! Simply, easy! Solves for payment, interest rate or loan amount - you choose! Optionally calcs taxes and insurance. Take it along while house shopping!

NEW FEATURE! Calculates and shows the interest only payment too!

Realtors, home buyers! Simply, easy to use mortgage calculator! Calculates payment (principal and interest) or loan amount or interest rate. You select what you want calculated and Mortgage Solver does the rest. Optionally adds taxes and insurance that you enter to the total payment.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Select the loan term
  2. Select the item to be calculated (either Loan Amount, Interest Rate or Payment(PI))
  3. Enter the 'other 2 values'
  4. Optionally, enter the Yearly Taxes and / or Yearly Insurance
  5. Tap the "Solve" button
Take it along while house shopping! Accurate! Easy to use! Get it today!!!

The demo can be used 4 times!!!

The Blackberry device needs to have CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0. You can check this on the "about" screen that has all the versions. If you purchase this product and cannot get it working, please email me at the support email address and I will promptly help you to get it working. If we cannot get it working, this web site will issue you a refund.

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