Magic4Square 1.3.1 (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 06/02/2014
  • Downloads:74
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 2 MB
  • Developer: Sven Ziegler
  • Os Support: BlackBerry Q10,BlackBerry Q5,BlackBerry Z3,BlackBerry Z30,Imagination GPU,Porsche Design P9982,Qualcomm GPU,Qualcomm GPU VZW

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Magic4Square is the most anticipated application for Foursquare on BlackBerry 10 devices! Ever missed a check-in and not get mayor or lost mayorship of your favorite place because you forgot to manually log your visit? With Magic4Square those days are numbered! Create lists of your favorite Foursquare-locations and let yourself get checked-in when you are there by this incredible application. No more hassle of pulling out your phone, Magic4Square recognizes automaticly as soon as you enter or are near a favorite location and auto-check-ins you on Foursquare. All you have to do is add the place to your list and set it up for auto-check-in. Simple as that! Every list-entry can be customized to your liking: - Add locations per map or by coordinates - Define distance to location for check-ins - Define time of stay for auto-check-in You can sort your list by location-name, distance or city depending on what you prefer. The free version is limited to four auto-checkin-locations. Upgrade to the premium version for full usage and some more awesome features: - Unlimited amounts of auto-checkin-locations - Customize your personal Foursquare-check-in-message - Share your check-ins on social media sites like BBM, twitter or Facebook - View your checkin-history - Import and Export your check-in-lists from everyone or from your own backup Magic4Square enhances and improves your Foursquare-experience! All you need for usage is a free Foursquare-Account. Become mayor and defend mayorship of your favorite places by never miss a check-in again! Download Magic4Square now and see if you agree with our professional reviewers: "It's a pretty slick app and I highly recommend it if there are venues you visit and check into often." "One of the smartest applications I've seen in a while."

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