impi Data Management Suite (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 07/01/2014
  • Downloads:82
  • Price: $14.99
  • Language: English
  • Developer: International Mobile Protection PTY Ltd
  • Os Support: BlackBerry OS App



Backup and Synchronize precious phone data.

International Mobile Protection (Pty) Ltd Launch Offer: IMPI Data Management Suite (for BlackBerry) IMPI is a specialist provider of Mobile Security and Data Management solutions. We are striving to offer all products in a Mobile Operating System agnostic environment which will allow users to seamlessly migrate their mobile data to and from different makes and models of handsets. In our efforts to develop such a solution, we are releasing our software as and when completed. Every release offers an EXCEPTIONAL reward for innovators who buy our solution as these innovators will receive a PERPETUAL LICENSE for the product suite purchased. This means that innovators will NEVER EVER again be required to pay for the particular product they have purchased. IMPI''''''s Data Management Solution (incl.: PhoneMonitor and Backup&Sync) was released in November 2009 and it has attracted several users on the PERPETUAL LICENSE AGREEMENT @ only $9.99 (for life). This serves as FINAL NOTICE to those last few innovators out there to jump at this offer which will cease within this year. Close to the end of this year we will move away from the PERPETUAL LICENSE and the IMPI Data Management Suite for BlackBerry will be sold on an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION BASIS @$14.95 per annum. Already bought your PERPETUAL LICENSE? Thanks a million. We appreciate your vote of confidence. Please be advised that you will receive a PLATINUM membership number from our SUPPORT team in due course. This offers you FREE ACCESS to any future editions/upgrades of our DATA MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR BLACKBERRY for LIFE. We appreciate your business and assure you of our best efforts at all times. The IMPI Team Product Description: IMPI Data Management Suite (for BlackBerry) 1.1. IMPI Expense Manager: The IMPI Expense Manager can be configured to keep a log of all voice calls, data transfers, SMS and MMS messages. It also captures and stores SMS and MMS content. Both the log and message content can then be backed up and viewed online. The application also enables users to indicate the nature of a call or message pursuant thereto. It includes business/private as standard fields and provides for up to three customizable fields. The phone log can be exported to XLS format to simplify sorting of data for purposes of cost allocation and expense management. 1.2. IMPI Backup&Sync: This application allows users to make an encrypted over-the-air back-up of any data on their mobile device. Users can configure settings per media type to be backed up automatically (when change is detected), on schedule (daily, weekly or monthly) or on demand (when the user manually requests it). All data is securely stored on our servers and can be restored to any BlackBerry device or any device using the Symbian (S60 ? 3rd edition) Operating System. Expense Manager: Keeps track of all phone events. Log all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Keep logs of emails, data, packet information, time spent online and much more. Gives you easy access to all your phone information, call logs, messages and data logs in one central place instead of having to search the entire phone. Use to view your daily data traffic. Manage your expenses by tagging your calls, messages and data with unique customizable information such as ?business? or ?private?, or add your own customized fields. It helps you monitor your mobile expenditure. Logs are exportable via our website into Excel in order to sort, analyze and manage it. Save important SMS and MMS messages for when you need it. Capture incoming and outgoing messages including message content for later reference. Backup&Sync: Easily upload and download all files over the air. No cables, no PC''''''s, no fuss. Backup your media files to safely store your memories. Save important contacts and restore it as and when needed, or access it online if you don''''''t have your mobile handy. Keep records of personal notes, meetings and documents Flexible configuration options allow the user to select the most convenient setting per media type: either automatic, on schedule or on demand. Easy to install. Seamlessly integrates with current phone setup. Easy to maintain. Swap phones and use IMPI to seamlessly restore all your information, contacts and data to your new phone. You can access all your data via our website where you can edit or amend the information. These changes can then be restored to your mobile over the air. Quickly upload your backed-up pictures and videos to social media directly from your web account.

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