GroceryAide Free (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 06/17/2014
  • Downloads:81
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Developer: Randall Dobkin
  • Os Support: BlackBerry Q10,BlackBerry Q5,BlackBerry Z3,BlackBerry Z30,Imagination GPU,Porsche Design P9982,Qualcomm GPU,Qualcomm GPU VZW



GroceryAide Free with EXCLUSIVE sub-item feature and sort-by-aisle allows you to make a shopping list and then convert it for use in the store. List items will need to be re-entered each time GroceryAide Free is run. The latest version requires BlackBerry 10.1 OS or later. If you see only version 2.0.0, please upgrade your OS. While making your list, GroceryAide (paid version) will save every item you ever buy (until you delete it). Add new items or edit existing items for your current shopping trip. While adding, your current list is searched for matching items as you type. When your item is entered, it's automatically inserted into the sorted list at the correct position, by aisle number and then alphabetically within the aisle. You can also choose not to use aisles. Check off all items you want to buy now, then tap Let's shop! at the top of the screen. Only items you checked while making your list appear here. Check items off as you add them to your cart. When you're done shopping, any items not checked remain in the list for your next trip. To save your list, please purchase the paid version. Version 3.1.1 bug fixes: * Recover from abnormal exit (paid version) * Leave checkbox unchanged when editing Version 3.1.0 new features: * Non-integer quantity handling * DropDown changed to SegmentedControl * Protection from entering blank items Version 3.0.0 new features: * EXCLUSIVE! Sub-items - e.g. Crispy Rice as a sub-item of cereal - Use for brand and/or flavor or type - Select Add Sub-item from item menu - Quantity and checkbox of main item automatically update - Ensure main item is the way you want it prior to adding sub-items - Main item not alterable after adding its first sub-item - Shortcut: S * To Top & To Bottom on application menu * Can find an item to edit by searching from Add box Version 3.0.0 bug fix: * While editing one item, activate another item - Duplicates edited item - Deletes other item Version 2.1.0 new features: * Minimum OS version now 10.1 * This information now on About screen * Faster scrolling speed * Selection highlighting * Select More items to delete * Confirmation of single item delete * Edit mode indication (label changes from 'Add') - Finish editing by hitting Done or Enter key from Aisle box - Abort editing by tapping the list * Editing no longer removes item first - Lower chance of unintentionally deleting edited item - Can switch edited item while editing * A little more space for item name * Prevent multiple About and Settings pages Version 2.0.0 new features: * Save the list (paid version) * Warning on exit (free version) * Edit enabled while shopping Version 2.0.0 bug fixes: * Quantity or item name lost on item edit * Problems after switching modes during edit * BlackBerry Q10 & BlackBerry Q5 keyboard shortcuts now working after Let’s shop!, About, or Settings - T: top of list - B: bottom of list - Space: scroll down one page - Shift-Space: scroll up one page - N: down one item - P: up one item Version 1.1.1 bug fix: * Quantity was undefined if upgrading from an older version Version 1.1.0 new features: * Items now have quantities - Long press item to increase or decrease - Shortcuts: + and – (O & I) * Item edit - Long press item - Shortcut: E * BBM integration - Update status: 'Shopping with GroceryAide'"

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