Expense Tracker for Blackberry 5.0 5.0 (Blackberry)

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An advanced tool for tracking expense and for planning budget with multi currency and category with SMS & email data export. You can track your personal and business expense, credit cards, loans, shopping etc..

Expense Tracker is the most comprehensive Personal Accounts suite available for the Blackberry device, with full multi-currency and multi category support.Now supports SMS & email data export.

Expense Tracker is useful for various business purposes.Using Expense Tracker, it is possible to know at each and every stage at what price merchandise was purchased or sold in the past and to whom. It is possible to compare prices that are given in different currencies and to choose the preferable option when there are different options open for the purchase of merchandise. Track your spending, and have the complete picture of where your money goes. Support multi categories and currency, it makes a great reference tool for all mobile users.

It allows you to record and manage your everyday personal and business expenses from anywhere. With Expense tracker a great tracing tool, which allows you to see where your money goes with convenient tracking by types. User can track the expense by category and by date. If you get to the end of the month and wonder where the money has gone then this application is just for you. Expense utility has simple and intuitively understandable interface, which makes the program easy and comfortable to use. It offers you a wide range of sorting and viewing options of your expenses. You can view expenses by date and category. It supports different currencies. Track Transport expense, Food, Health, Business , Personal, Tax etc...

By knowing exactly what are your resources and on what you are spending them on you will be able to save money every day and month!

Key Features are :

  1. Simple and Easy to use.
  2. Easy data entry.
  3. 20 Predefined categories with icons.
  4. Edit and Delete options are provided.
  5. View by category is provided.
  6. User can delete all entry at any time.
  7. Search by date is provided.
  8. Ascending and descending sorting
  9. SMS & email data export ( required data service.
  10. All data can be retrieved at any point of time.

All the detail and historical information is right in your hand. Remember it's for you! And rest you feel by your self...

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