Dama (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 05/17/2014
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  • Developer: John G. Bibal III



If you're looking for a two-player version of Checkers for the PlayBook™, well Dama is for you! Dama is the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ version of two popular forms of Filipino Dama (Dama and Perdigana). It also features the standard English Draughts, also known as Checkers. Dama features an 8x8 board that simulates an actual board game. Place it on a surface and feel like your playing on an actual board! The game also features a choice upon which rules to follow. Three rules are available, the Pinoy Dama, the standard English Draughts rule and Perdigana (An opposite version of Pinoy Dama). Check out the game for more details! Dama also features a sleek interface that will alow you to customize the colors of the gameboard along with the player's pieces. (Coming soon) Have fun with your family and friends! Release Notes for Version 1.5 - Added new game modes: Pinoy Dama and Perdigana, replacing the old "Capture Backwards" mode. - Added a short "Instructions" pop-up. - Refreshed the UI for the game side bar. - Improved app responsiveness - Fixed a bug with regards to changing game modes (Game modes not changing). - Optimized and reduced the overall sluggishness of the app.

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