Color Code Breaker Lite 1.0 1.0 (Blackberry)

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Break the color codes and increase your brain power

ColorCodeBreaker is a classical game to detect a random color code generated by computer. User can select Easy, Medium, Hard mode. The lite version has only Easy mode available. After a mode is selected based on users selection 4/6/8 balls are taken as user''s available option. A solution is generated by your device. And user are given a screen to guess the colors of solution. User has 9 tries to guess the original color code. After each row is filled by user, the game gives feedback on user''s input. Like how many colors are in correct position or how many colors are in the solution but in wrong position. The green dot represents that a color is right and it''s is in correct position. A red dot means that from the combination a color is in the final color code but the color''s position is not right from the user''s input. The game goes on above logic until the user can break the color code or finishes his/her trial numbers. Features: * Great game play. * Global scoring system to find your brain power amongst people. * Great exercise for your puzzle hungry brain. * Easy mode available for lite version. Get the full version for medium and hard mode game play. * It''s FREE!!!

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