CardCount Blackjack (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 04/23/2014
  • Downloads:30
  • Price: $3.99
  • Size: 0 MB
  • Developer: TEW Simple
  • Os Support: 8100,8110,8120,8130,8130m,8220,8230,8230f,8300,8310,8320,8330,8330m,8350i,8520,8530,8800,8820,8830,8830m,8900,8910,8980,9000,9100,9105,9300,9330,9350,9360,9370,9620,9630,9650,9700,9780,9788,9800,9810,9850,9860,9900,9930,9981



Learn to count cards like a professional! This app shows you how to count cards using the High/Low card counting scheme. Then use "CardCount Practice" mode to hone your card counting skills. You reveal cards from the shoe at your own pace while you maintain the count. Periodically use "Reveal Count" to check yourself. It's easy and fun. AND, this app also has a fully functional Blackjack game where you can use your card counting skills in a realistic environment. Play against the house and when you get deep in a shoe, and the count is high, it's time to bet BIG because the odds have shifted in your favor. In both modes (CardCount Practice or Blackjack game) you specify the size of the shoe (1-5 decks), and you can configure setup so you always see the count. A "Shoe Gauge" is also visible that shows how deep into the shoe you are. Blackjack includes "Strategy Hints" that assist you on when it's best to Hit, Stand, Split, or Double Down. And, like all apps by TEW Simple LLC, this app shows NO ads and uses NO data time.

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