BP Tracker for Blackberry 1.0 (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 07/03/2014
  • Downloads:57
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 140 KB
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Sparkle Solutions, Inc.
  • Requirements: Works with all Blackberry Devices
  • Os Support: Blackberry OS App



Best way to track your BP with Personal and other essential details. The statistical comparison of the basic details of BP. Three splendid Date tracking options. Pleasant User Interface.

BP Tracker tracks BP details regarding the date and time. Any number of BP details can be added for a given day. Detailed statistics are provided to compare the systole, diastole & Pulse values with respect to this day. Three Splendid Date Tracking option, details of which BP can be tracked by month, date and between dates. Compare the statistics can also be followed with three options follow-up date. A Complete Health Care Utility
Personal Detials:
  • Any number of personal data can be added with the user''s choice
  • Easy User-Interface
  • Simple way to edit and delete personal data
  • The names are displayed in a sorted format
  • Attrac search option, with which, names can be searched just by entering the starting letter, name or word

  • BP Tracker:
  • Tracks information on systolic, diastolic and pulse with respect to Date & Time
  • Notes & Medicine Details are provided for each entry BP
  • Details of all BP readings can be tracked and viewed in report format
  • Wide range of Editing and Deleting
  • A crowd of BP details can be added over the date and time
  • Any number of BP details can be added for a particular day
  • Great options to select Systole, diastole and pulse rate values
  • Details BP are sorted by date

    Date of monitoring:
    BP details can be followed with regard to date by following three methods
  • Month - Titles BP with respect to the selected month
  • Date - hitting BP with respect to the selected date
  • Between the dates - Titles BP regarding the condition Date Range

    BP Tracker

    Date Monitoring

    Further statistical details are provided for comparison purposes

  • Highest value Sytole with date / time
  • Lowest value Sytole with date / time
  • Highest Diastole value with Date / Time
  • Lowest value Diastole with date / time
  • Pulse highest value with date / time
  • Lower value of the pulse with date / time
  • Average value Systole
  • Average value Diastole
  • Average value Pulse

    All details above statistics can also be followed in respect of three types of tracking date. Selecting a particular method of tracking the date displays statistical details regarding the selected date range

  • Main features:
  • Professionally designed interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing
  • All data are stored in a sorted format
  • Three beautiful Date tracking options
  • Any number of sub-details can be added to an individual
  • Statistical analysis of BP details
    Maintain BP & Lead a Healthy Life

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