Blur Overdrive (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 06/10/2014
  • Downloads:70
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  • Developer: Marmalade Play

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Immerse yourself in the intense racing experience of Blur Overdrive. With eight insane power-ups this isn’t just racing, this is POWERED UP racing! The race track is your battle ground and you must shunt the other drivers to snatch the chequered flag and progress through the game. Buckle up and ride the beautiful chaos that is Blur Overdrive. PLAY DIRTY Collect and deploy eight pyrotechnic power-ups to aid your performance and damage rival vehicles. Barge, shock and shield your way to the finish line or use your nitro power-up to leave your opponents behind. RACE HOW YOU WANT, WHERE YOU WANT Blur has 9 different types of races to be won from a Showcase Battle to an Eliminator. Battle through the various races to reach new stages of competition and unleash your torque. BUILD YOUR RACING EMPIRE With your race winnings, browse the Showroom to purchase the car to conquer the next racetrack Features: • 4 RACING CLASSES AND 10+ SPECIAL EVENTS • 8 AWESOME POWER UPS - MINES, SHIELD, SHUNT, NITRO, SHOCK, BARGE, REPAIR & BOLTS. • REALISTIC AND REWARDING HANDLING MODE ACROSS THE 4 CLASSES • 25 CARS TO OWN, DRIVE AND RACE • 250 CUSTOMISATIONS TO BEEF UP YOUR CAR

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