Atriviate (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 05/26/2014
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  • Developer: Pandereta Estudio

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Atriviate (Old Triviados) Have fun answering questions and compete against your friends online! More than 5,000 questions and periodic updates. Walk the board using special boxes to get all the stars. Entertain yourself while expanding your knowledge with 7 classical categories: Geography, Sports, Entertainment, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, History and Everything. New rules, like stealing stars and the Challenge, make the game much more competitive. Find your friends on facebook and challenge them to a game. Earn medals and post them on Facebook for everyone to see who is the smartest one. Atriviate is a quiz game with a Trivial Pursuit style, with more than 5,000 questions, where two player can play games online, competing to see who knows more. You can add random players, make friends or choose your facebook mates, and have as many simultaneous games as you want. With the new board of Atriviate, you can take advantage of special boxes and get all the stars to win the game. Furthermore Atriviate has new rules as the possibility of stealing stars to your opponent, or the Challenge, where you compete to see who hits more questions, which gives to the game a more strategic and competitive aspect. Want to be aware of the latest news? Check our facebook: & our twitter: or in our web: Problems with the game? If you have any problems with the game please send us an email telling us what's wrong and we try to fix it.

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