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3 Card Poker is the no-nonsense way to play poker. Now you can simply sit down at your table, place your bet and play the odds. Think you've got a good hand? Go up against the dealer and potentially double your winnings. Not so great? Fold and quickly move on to the next hand. 3 Card Poker allows you to play quick rounds of poker one-on-one so there is less waiting and more playing. This game will keep your fingers tapping as you master the art of lightning rounds. Now you can enjoy the strategy of poker with the efficiency and convenience of a mobile app. Key Features: Convenient: Get right into the game anytime, anywhere. Simply pull up the application and place your bets. Straightforward: Play poker without the fluff. Simply gauge the odds, place your bets, then play or fold. Simple as that. Efficient: Spend more time playing and less time waiting and deliberating. Enjoy one round after another in no time at all.

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