10Mobile Tributes to Michael Jackson (BB) Pts 1-10 10 (Blackberry)

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  • Added: 07/07/2014
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Luvdarts salutes MJ for the gifts he gave while he was on this earth. Luvdart's proceeds from these 10 tributes to MJ will go to DataRevenue.Org a nonprofit organization supporting the future of mobile multimedia.

Mobile Tributes to Michael Jackson 10 pak!3gLuvdarts can be sentmobile2mobile!They may also be used as ringtones and wallpaper on most 3g devices.Andthe best thing about LuvDarts is how they brighten up some moments in anyone's day that isfortunate enough to receive one! SportsDarts, HolidayDarts, BibleDarts, SmackTalk, FlirtDartsand more are all a part of the LuvDart family. The thing they all have in common is the abilityto be sent mobile2mobile and make somebody smile! New mobile video messaging at itsbest!Luvdarts salutes MJ for the gifts he gave while he was on this earth. Luvdart's proceedsfrom this tribute to MJ will go to DataRevenue.Org a nonprofit organization supporting thefuture of mobile multimedia.

Please consider: The music is NOT performed by the original artist.

A Tribute to Michael Jackson Pts 1-10 contains the following:

  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 1: "Thank u 4 da thrillsand thank u 4 rokn wit us all nite long, billie jean was not my lovr butwe did do a littl dance on da floor, u changed music 4evr, but u nevrsaid goodbi, da hol world will miss u bad an da hol world is sad, but uleft dis world a way bttr plac, u can b proud of da man in da mirror,rest in peace michael, thank u 4 everything!micheal jackson 1958 –2009"
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 2: "Thanks 4 bridgingthe gap in music. You brought the whole world together with your dancingand your sounds. There will never be another Michael J. And we willnever ever forget the day you went away, to dance and sing in heaven."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 3: "Rest in peaceMichael Jackson, you deserve it.You were an extraordinary person andyou had extraordinary skills.The world may never really understand howit was to be Michael Jackson. But the world will always know that youwere truly someone special with a heart of gold!"
    A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 4: "We miss you MichaelJackson.Even though you told us you could never say goodbye, the waythat you left us is enough to make us cry. But we know you dideverything you set out to do so even though we’ll miss you, we know weare a better world because you passed through in our lifetime."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 5: "He came to thisworld a shining star. He did everything he could to make others happy.He seemed such a tormented soul after giving so much and getting solittle.Could it be that all he really wanted was pure love?Could itbe most of the world took what he gave but denied him the thing hewanted the most?Understanding."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 6: "In memory of thegreatest performer that ever lived, you danced and sang your way intoour hearts, we never thought you would die so young, but like a shootingstar. you came, you dazzled and just moved on, to bigger and betterthings."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 7: "We miss youMichael!Celebrate the life mourn little the death.Remember thetimes, but look forward to the future. A Star was born and a star hasdied. Michael Jackson was an extraordinary guy.And there's a price topay for all that fame. But the love of millions that know his name is ajust reward for the King Of Pop.Rest In Peace."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 8: "Goodbye MichaelJackson. I know you'll be fine in heaven you busted some moves on earthand you sang out your heart in your songs you entertained us like noother thank you for the gifts you gave."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 9: "Michael J was aman with a plan. He worked hard in whatever he did to be the best eversince he was a kid. He was just about to make his earthly comeback butfate had something else in store. The comeback was huge every day in thenews, I'll bet Michael's enjoying the view."
  • A Tribute To Michael Jackson Pt 10: "Did you grow uplistening to Michael Jackson? How long have you been watching MJ? If aman could live forever it would only be if their creations were strongenough to live after their body was laid to rest so does that meanMichael Jackson will live forever?"

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